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The Blue Hearts (ザ・ブルーハーツ) are a Japanese punk band. Any additional information or links concerning the Blue Hearts would be appreciated.

Also be aware that apparently there is a recent UK country group with a similar name.


Blue Hearts Albums

Solo Albums by Mashima Masatoshi

The High-Lows

The Blue Hearts have broken up. Kohmoto Hiroto and Mashima Masatoshi have joined with Shirabe Sakito (調 先人), Ooshima Kenji (大島賢治), and Shirai Mikio (白井幹夫) to form The High-Lows (ザ・ハイロウズ).

High-Lows albums include:

Blue Hearts Links and other information

Apparently, Juggler Records out of Portland Oregon has the US rights to The Blue Hearts. They once advertised a 12 song CD titled Blast Off!, but according to a guy at vradio, Juggler does not have any merchandise left for sale.

Sayonara, Blue Hearts -- a punk diary (さよなら、ブルーハーツ -- パンク日記)
(c) 1993 Toyama Kouichi (外山恒一)
Takarajimasha (kabu), 223p
I've read 55 pages of this on and off over 3 years. Haven't gotten to the Blue Hearts part yet. It's a diary-like account of a punk musician in Fukuoka. A fun read.

MIHO has a page devoted to the High-Lows.