Ray Tracer, etc. in Sed

A ray-tracer in sed. I know. I'm just like that.

Language Quizzes

Programs for learning Latin and Japanese in Javascript and DOM. Using words from the book: "Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata," by Hans Ørberg, Wheelock, and others.

Blank Go worksheets I use for studying problems.


FunOS: An OS in Scheme (ok, not yet, but someday).


Scheme needs a library that implements Xlib at the socket layer.

HTML autowriting

Convert was written to automatically produce HTML from a shorter text file. It was useful for a while.

Multi-threaded ASCII Frogger

In the Fall of 1997, I took the undergraduate parallel programming class (CSCI 3050) with Barry Wilkinson. The fourth homework assignment could be anything we wanted as long as it was in C and used pthreads. I created Multi-threaded Ascii Frogger. It ended up as an exercise in his book: Parallel Programming.


A broken attempt at a UNIX subtitling program.


N is a japanese quizzing program written in 8086 assembly — my first useful program. Except that the experience made me very skeptical of the usefulness of such programs for language aquisition. Instead, software needs to frame real content.